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High Impact Leadership Program

3+3 days
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45 000 kr *
* Price in SEK excluding VAT, meals and accommodation.


  • New inspiring perspectives on leadership.
  • Advance your impact as a leader with practical tools and frameworks.
  • Share experiences with others in a similar situation and create a foundation for an important future network.

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You have been working as a manager or leader for a while and you want to take your leadership to the next level. You are aspiring to create higher standards in your professional development. So how can you become an even better leader? What steps can you take towards becoming the manager that you would appreciate yourself?

Purpose and objectives

The program aims to provide a launching pad for developing your personal, effective leadership by increased self-awareness and by applying essential leadership tools, theories and models.

After completing the program, you will experience increased confidence in your role and have the courage to give a variety of tools and approaches a go, to see what works best in your organization. In addition:

  • You will obtain enough self-awareness to make your leadership style clearer and even more personal.
  • You will acquire a substantial platform of long-established leadership theories, models, and tools that uphold effective leadership.
  • You will have a new group of peers that will form an important part of your future professional network.

Who can attend?

This program applies to those who have been in a managing or leading position for some time and who favour learning in English.

  • You lead one or several teams or groups as a central part of your role.
  • You are a manager or leader responsible for staff or for a major project that demands a strong ability to lead people.
  • You have not taken part in any extensive management or leadership training before (or it has been a long time since).
  • You are based in Sweden or overseas – provided that you are able to attend the on-site training with overnight stay in the Stockholm area, you are good to go.

The High Impact Leadership Program will provide new perspectives and inspiration, that will strengthen your leadership as you operate an increasingly multifaceted business setting. You will boost your impact as a leader with hands on tools and models.

Furthermore, learning and sharing experiences with others in a similar position will lay the foundation for a valuable network that will be a of great benefit moving forward with your career.

Are you a member of Ledarna?

As a member of Ledarna, the Swedish union for managers and leaders, you have a 15% discount on the tuition fee.

Susanne Markovska

Susanne Markovska wants to contribute to a humanistic and result-oriented leadership so that organizations can be both human and sustainable. Her own personal leadership is usually described as both hard and soft and it is reflected in her programs, where the participants find both challanges and support during their personal development process.

Course contents

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How to communicate clearly – insight into different levels of communication and how to apply the models.

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Crucial conversations

How to make conscious choices in different conversational situations, convey messages, set limits, listen actively and create dialogue.

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Situational leadership

How to lead and develop people on the basis of individuals’ different development levels and needs.

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Building high-performing teams

How to develop a group into an effective team, based on insights from group dynamics research.

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Learn how to provide and receive feedback that aims to make people grow and results in the changes you want.

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Conflict management

Dilemmas and conflicts – how to understand and handle opposing views and expectations, using a holistic approach to conflict management as a leader and as a mediator in conflicts.

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Active listening and coaching

For increased engagement, visible results and stronger relationships, as well as to encourage others to grow and develop in their roles.

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Leadership as a process

The process-oriented methodology of the program is a tool in itself, that you will be able to apply in your own organisation. The key here is creating space for reflection and dialogue.

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Personal development

You will grow in your role as a leader and strengthen your self-leadership skills through: • Increased self-awareness about what drives you, your values, your strengths, and the development areas in your leadership; • Increased understanding of how you influence others and how you are influenced by others; • Exercises and opportunities for reflection and feedback; • Increased courage to become more clear and visible as a leader; • 360-degree feedback – how do I look at my leadership and how do others look at it? What strengths and development areas have become clear, and how can I continue to work on them?

Det här får du:

In-depth learning
Qualitative educations with over 80 years experience.

Course certificate
After having completed the course you will receive a proof of participation, suitable to frame and display in your office.

Practice and reflection
Practical training and group discussion.

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